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Pomorie is one of the most beautiful sea towns, being a unique and attractive resort and rehabilitation center.

It is located on the Black Sea coast at 20 km north of the town of Burgas and at 18 km of the tourist complex Sunny Beach. The Burgas airport is situated at 8 km from the town. Pomorie is connected along auto-transport routes with Burgas, Sunny Beach, Nesebar, Varna, Sofia and with the rest of the country.

The rehabilitation hospital at the town of Pomorie is situated at 500 m from the center of the town, being the biggest center for mud-therapy on the Balkan Peninsula with a capacity of 1000 mud-treatment procedures a day. It is located at 100 m from the sea coast at the bank of a salt lake. The wonderful combination of such wealth with the sea and the modern base for medical treatment with high-qualified staff makes it an attractive place for healing and respite of thousands of Bulgarian and foreign people.


Diseases treated

Locomotory system diseases: artrosis, arthritis, post-trauma and post-fracture state

Diseases of peripheral and central nervous system: neuritis, radiculitis, disc disease, paresis, childrens cerebral paralysis

Diseases of female reproductive system: sterility, dysmenorrhea, ovarian hypofunction, parameters

Diseases of the male reproductive system: prostatitis, oligospermy, epididymitis, vesiculitis.

Dermal diseases: psoriasis with psoriatic arthritis, trophic dermal ulcers, sclerodermy.

Respiratory system diseases: bronchitis, sinusitis

Prophylactics: The sea-climatic factors are widely used for general prophylactics of the respiratory system diseases, hypertonic disease, as well as for body strengthening and gaining in health.


Healing methods

Individual healing programs are prescribed to the patients, depending on the clinical, laboratory, roentgen and echographic data.


The mud-therapy is applied in the form of:

- Applications

- Baths / mud and lake water/

- Cavitation method /vaginal and rectal tampon/

- Egyptian /outdoor mud-therapy/


The healing process includes:

- physiotherapy

- kinesytherapy

- massage /dry, underwater/

- lye compresses

- lye inhalation

- sauna

- curative basin

- fitness

- healthy eating depending on the disease.



         Physical and rehabilitation medicine






In the town of Pomorie, in addition to the beautiful sea coast and the beach strip with an area of 18700 sq.m and 4200 m length, encircling the Pomorie gulf, you can see many other sights. Part of them are: an antique dome tomb from III century located under the tomb-hill embankment; a medieval fortress wall from III IV century; a museum and a gallery with exposition of the history of the region from the prehistoric period to the late medieval period; a Museum of Salt, built in 2002 and illustrating an ancient Anhialo technology of sea salt production, as well as tourist routes to Nesebar, Sunny beach and Sozopol.

In the region of the Dimyat wine-cellar, owned by the company The Black Sea Gold, a wine-testing room is built, where the tourist   can test the famous Pomorie brandies, wines, rakias, and get familiar with the history of winery in the Pomorie region.

The region is ecologically clean since industrial sources of contamination are missing, thus it is suitable for rural and ecological tourism (at the village of Goritsa, village of Bata, village of Kozichino, village of Galabets, etc.)



- Elevated temperature, acute infectious diseases;

- Hemorrhage;

- Post-cardiac insult state;

- Hypertonic disease at III stage, cardiac decompensation;

- Heavy diseases of lungs /active tuberculosis, lung abscess/;

- psychic diseases, epilepsy.






Capacity and rooms


180 beds allocated in 90 rooms:

- 4 apartments - renovated

- 44 renovated rooms with 2 beds

( * category)

- 22 rooms with 2 beds ( category)

- 20 rooms with 2 beds ( category)

  Additional information  

- A wide range of physiotherapeutic equipment  

- Indoor swimming pool

- Jet bath

- Mud bath

- Jacuzzi

- Fitness hall

- Remedial gymnastics hall

- Sauna

- Solarium

- The complex is adapted for handicapped patients with inclined paths for wheelchairs for disabled persons.

- Lift

- TV

- Air-conditioner ( for part of the rooms)

- Safe

- Proprietary parking

-  Conference hall 20 seats

- Fitness hall

- Remedial gymnastic hall


Typical features


Complex rehabilitation for the treatment of gynecological diseases and sterility

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Moderately continental


Average annual air temperature:  + 12

Due to the slow sea water cooling, the autumn season is hot and long-lasting. The snow falls are minimal. The snow cover is retained for not more then 5-7 days. The climatic conditions of the town are extremely favorable, allowing the use of the resort for sea bath and sun-therapy from early spring to late autumn, and the mud-therapy and the modern hospital base makes of it a year-round resort.


Main curative factors

  - The Liman curative mud is taken from the Pomorie lake bottom, being rich in sulphuretted hydrogen, magnesium, chlorides, calcium, potassium, sodium, ferrous compounds, hormones, etc.  The mud-therapy has a proven anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect, stimulating the metabolic processes of organism.

- The lake water comes from the Pomorie lake. It covers the curative mud with a chemical content close to the liquid mud phase and to the sea water.  It is used for water lake and mud baths having very good curative effect.

- Lye it is the end product from the salt production in the Pomorie salt mines, having by many times higher concentration of all elements of the sea and lake water. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect. The following therapies are applied: lye-phoresis, inhalations, compresses.

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